When is the best time to breed a goat


A West African dwarf goat

Goat breeding is an act of animal husbandry and when you finally decide to add a few goats to your life or start a commercial goat farm, this article would be of great benefit to you . Various products are obtained from them, which includes milk,fiber and skins . Especially milk which is very  nutritious and good for children and adults with abdominal discomfort.

Today, we are going to help answer some questions which includes

When is a goat too old to breed?

Goat will continue to mate and bread until they get to the age of 5 to 10 years of age. some goat in some exceptional cases are able to breed up to 12 to 14 years but this does not happen all the type and at this age the likelihood that your goat will have serious complication or pregnancy related death increases .

It is important you consider the health of your goat once they pass 10 years of age.

Apart from age, other factors which comes to play such as weight of the  goat, the environment and also the breed.

We should understand that once a goat crosses 10 years of age the chances of breeding and giving birth are low.

When is a goat too young to bread.

A goat that is up to 5 to 7 months old and is up to 16 to 20 kilograms in weight should be able to breed. The weight of the goat plays an important factor.

Again if you keep your goat for a very long time and they gain so much weight and accumulate fat without breeding them their chances of them breeding also decreases.

Can an old goat get pregnant?

Yes an older goat can get pregnant but when a goat gets too old and i.e over 10 years of age then her chances of giving birth decrease and more also the chances of pregnancy related death increases.

How many times do female goat give birth in a year?

You should consider your goat overall health and their ability to maintain a steady milk supply after giving birth. Hence it is wise to allow your goat breed once in every 7 to 8 month so as to have better milk and easier birth.

How often can a goat get pregnant after birth?

Actually There is no exact time frame to observe before your goat can get get pregnant after giving birth as this depends on several factors that should be put into consideration.

Goats naturally returns to heat after giving birth but this does not mean that they should start breeding immediately so as to get pregnant. You need your goat to rest and bounce back and also be in good shape from the stress that she passed through from the previous pregnancy.

It's advised that she does not  get pregnant at least three months after giving birth because she needs to be dried up within the first three months of her pregnancy after that she is free to get pregnant again.

How often do goats have kids?

Goats are capable of having babies twice in a year but it will amount to so much stress on your goat. There should be a recovery period from the stress she passed through before giving birth. This we have mentioned already.

Hence it's wise for a female goat to give birth once or twice  in a year, as it is no good for it to be so soon.


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