So what can Agribusiness Coach do for you?

Having acquired a lot of knowledge and skills from numerous training in diverse agribusiness ventures, agricultural training at university of Benin, and my personal experience in a lot of farming ventures and specifically
  • Crop Production-Including Arable and permanent crop production
  • Poultry production
  • Piggery production
  • Cat fish farmingfarming a
  • Rabbit production
  • Grasscutter Farming
  • Snail Farming
I have first hand experience, skill and expertise in all farming ventures listed above.Therefore my services includes
  1. Agricultural Consultation on any of the farming ventures above.
  2. Assistance in starting op a fish pond and making it successful.
  3. Guidance and assistance in snail farming, Rabbit farming and grasscutter production.
  4. Construction of Fish pond, Piggery house, Poultry house and Snailery
  5. Setting up your poultry farm for you, brooding your chicks and supply of chicks and poultry materials.
  6. We engage in contract farming of any type of crop.
  7. We source agricultural lands for you for purchase or rent.
Thanks for reading up to this point. I'm the Agriculturist, ask me anything. Contact me through my Contact page.


  1. You doing good. keep it up

  2. Hello Eze,
    I am proud of you. I was making a research on packaging materials for dried catfish when your blog came up.You have a great blog.
    Your focus is amiable, as it is evident you know what you are doing and where you are going. Keep it up. While your mates will be busy looking for Bank and oil and gas jobs, you would have established yourself in what you enjoy doing and employ them on the long run. While you have this knowledge, start small on at least two of these trades so that you speak with evidence.I will consult you when I want to venture into grass cutter and rabbit breeding. Currently on catfish and snail breeding, planning on commencing drying.
    I am Uche Nnamdi and a graduate of Geology, stayed in Hall 4 near you. Great UNIBEN class of 2006.
    You can whatsapp me on 07032701717. Take care The shy is your limit.

  3. Nice Site, very informative contents

  4. I am Indian. I am interested in fish farming.Catla,Rohu and other fishes .


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