Agriculture 4.0 - The Future Of Farming Technology

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Map of  agricultural technology and maturity
A number of global trends are influencing food security, poverty, and the overall sustainability of food and agricultural systems.

The World Government Summit launched a report called Agriculture 4.0 The Future Of Farming Technology. The report addresses the four main developments placing pressure on agriculture to

These are the reasons why your fishes are not fast growing and how to prevent it.

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Many farmers have been complaining of their fishes not growing well. Some farmers may get discouraged and attribute the poor catfish or tilapia growth to a lot of things not knowing that there are important things they are not doing right.

 A good number of cases of poor growth in catfishes and tilapia are due to

The Art of Fish feeding: How much feed, When and how many times should you feed your Fishes

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Feeding is a critical aspect of fish farming.  It is one of the basic principles of profitable fish farming.

Profitable  catfish or tilapia farming require the knowledge of high-quality feeding, timely feeding and feeding the right amount for fast growth. 

The art of feeding catfish and tilapia for maximum growth involves

Profitable Cucumber farming in Nigeria

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Cucumber is consumed worldwide and the demands are very high which knocks off the ideas of whether you would be able to make good profits. With cucumber farming, you can make millions of naira if the right agronomic practices are carried out and you have a good marketing strategy in place.

Anyone that is looking for a business to start and hopes to make something more meaningful and lasting should consider looking the agricultural direction because it is a profitable sector of the economy which only a few clever ones are venturing into and are silently smiling to the bank.

Cucumber is a vegetable that is widely consumed all over the world due to its health benefits. Cucumber is wonderful in the fight against cancer, treatments for diabetics, skin irritations, bad breath, and can be used to re-hydrate the body and regain one's skin from dryness. It is also great sources of Vit. A, B1, B6.

Cucumber could be eaten raw or cooked in salads, stews, sauce, and soups.

Do this for a profitable cucumber farming experience.

Step 1. Conduct Your Research

Make a research on all that is necessary to start the business. Find out the varieties that are more acceptable to your target customers.

Gather information from your possible acceptable this will help you develop a marketing strategy so that your produce is sold off fast. What I am saying is, conduct feasibility studies before starting and do it right.

Farmers don't usually consider having a clearly written business plan as an important thing, but this will give you an edge over others. With a good business plan, you can easily attract investors and other financial institutions to fund your farm to become highly sought after. But this depends on your ability in managing it properly for the likely investors to see.

Step 2. Get A Suitable Land In Good Location

Locate your farm on fertile land. Consider closeness to market, a source of water, transportation, theft, and several other factors before choosing a farm location.

Step 3. Get The Land Ready And Plant The Seed

You'll have to clear the land, till, make beds or ridges planting certified seeds at the recommended spacings. Make sure you use certified hybrid or OPV varieties to get high yields.

Follow up other production practices like irrigation, fertilization/fertigation, pest control, and other agronomic practices.

Step 4. Harvesting and marketing

For sure! you didn't just go into the business for the fun of it but to make money. One unique thing about cucumber which makes it unique is its market value. You will have little or no challenge selling off your cucumber. All you have to do is to inform the local buyers that you have it for sale and have them trooping down to your farm. You can also package your cucumber and retail to malls or friends for more profits.

I wish you a profitable  cucumber farming experience!

 Your turn to keep the good work going... ⇊⇊⇊

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Five Reasons Why Youths Should Choose an Agricultural career

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What type of career do you aspire to have? Do you want to be a doctor, artist, a business person, or a policymaker?

Or, have you ever wanted to become a farmer? I would not be surprised if you said no.

When weighing career choices, many young people in Nigeria tend to shy away from agriculture. I, too, once found myself discouraged

The Three basic principles to profitable Catfish and Tilapia farming business

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I am writing this with respect to those asking me what they need to do to succeed in catfish and tilapia farming.

What you will learn from this article

The fundamental keys to profitable fish farming are

Causes of Low dissolved oxygen in fish pond water and how to improve it.

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Dissolved oxygen is an important water quality parameter in fish farming. Just like terrestrial animals and plants, fishes and aquatic plants(like planktons and algae) requires oxygen and this oxygen is available in dissolved form hence it is referred to as ''dissolved oxygen''.

Monitoring the level of dissolved oxygen in ponds is very important because
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