The Size and growth rate of my catfishes after 2 months


In catfish farming and every other agribusiness venture, knowing and applying the right cultural practices is very important for success.

The first time I tried fish farming was when I was in secondary school. At that time, my mindset about catfish farming was all about purchasing fingerlings from hatchery, stocking them in a tank, and feeding them till they get to table size. All those were just the basic stuffs about catfish farming, but there is more to it if one is  to achieve success in this venture.

Today, I'm happy to tell you that my training, lectures and studies about catfish farming paid out well. The cat fishes are doing well.

The feed sizes they have been fed up till this age

1. fingerling stage: 1mm sized 57% crude protein pelletized catfish feed. See their size at fingerlings stage.

catfish fingerlings
At the fingerling stage they were very small.

2. Post fingerling stage: At this stage the fishes were fed with 1.5mm sized , 57%crude protein pelletized feed.

3. Juvenile: The fishes were the subsequently fed with 1.8mm feed(57%crude protein).
4. Post-juvenile: 2mm(47%crude protein) and now the fishes are being fed with 3mm feed(42%crude protein).

These are the pictures I took after the 2nd month of catfish farming.
2months old catfish



  1. thats nice but how long do they take from hatching to post juveniles stage

  2. Hi. Hope you're still operating this blog. So do you produce your own feed? We do produce ours using a very manual process and at two months they're still small. I'm sure it's the feed because I think were doing everything else right. Can you share some tips?

  3. Did you use your own produced feed from fingerling stage to juvenile stage?

  4. Thanks,is good to change pond water once in a week?

  5. It depends on the size of the fish in the size of the pound
    Like if you put 50 fishes in a 8 by 12 feet pound and they are in juvenile stage you can change it once a week.
    But if it is more than that you need to give me water Everytime like every 2 2 days
    You can call me in Whatsapp for questions and get free answers they are more of things you need to know about this farming


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