Five Reasons Why Youths Should Choose an Agricultural career


What type of career do you aspire to have? Do you want to be a doctor, artist, a business person, or a policymaker?

Or, have you ever wanted to become a farmer? I would not be surprised if you said no.

When weighing career choices, many young people in Nigeria tend to shy away from agriculture. I, too, once found myself discouraged
by the small villages, hard labour and cassava  fields I grew up seeing every day while growing up. As the conventional belief goes, agriculture is an archaic lifestyle and a future with limited opportunities for youth.

But I later learned I was wrong. Plenty of evidence shows us that agriculture provides youth a viable way to be successful and build a sustainable future. In other words, I will encourage Nigerian youths to choose agriculture. Here are five reasons why:

1. Agriculture very important for future of development of our nation

When it comes to fighting poverty, agriculture is more effective than other sectors.

Agriculture is up to four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty. Increasingly, the world is counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food and improving the livelihoods of our booming population, especially the poor. What could be more meaningful than being part of a proven solution to such a critical challenge?

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2. Agriculture can be a gold mine for young entrepreneurs.

Meet Jasper, a young Nigerian agropreneur. He started a cucumber farm and made over a million naira from the enterprise. He was not even a trained farmer before he could achieve that feat, now think about yourself being trained in agriculture- The sky is your starting point.

 Through agribusiness, Jasper has not only carved out a successful career of his own, but also created jobs for other young people, especially women. (Read about Jasper here: 

You too can identify your area(s) of interest and pursue it with passion. Some agribusiness areas young people can explore includes (but not limited to) providing support services for farmers, production of exotic vegetables such as basil, lettuce, cucumber, and carrot, production of local vegetables, processing of food crops, egg prproduction and meat production. Note that smart agricultural practices and proper marketing strategies are imperative in any agribusiness operation.

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3. Agriculture is not cool? Think again.

From Northern Nigeria, a young talented Nasir Yammama developed mobile and web-based app called Verdant to help farmers receive most profit from their land and resources. Verdant intends to turn information into insights for the farmers and present it to them in a convenient manner that will enable precise decision making on the farm and also offer them unique services like access to market, agricultural credit, index insurance and warehousing so as to get more productivity and value out of their farming and thereby guarantee food security and improve living standards.

Agriculture in the developing world has become a field vibrant with effective innovations, thanks to a growing number of young talented techie minds that make it happen.

4. Agricultural research needs young brainpower.

For us to be self sufficient in food production in Nigeria, we need talented and intelligent young minds who will take our agricultural sector to the next level.

If you are a young nerd into development research, agriculture may be the right place for you.

Numerous stories from different parts of Africa, Nigeria and other places have shown that research revolutionizes agriculture and transforms livelihoods. Today, more than before, climate change and a growing demand for nutritious food are for fresh ideas and renewed knowledge to explore ICT in agriculture, foster climate-smart agriculture and innovate the sector to power future growth.

5. You want to be your own boss? Think Agribusiness. 

Food business is big business in Nigeria and africa as whole. In Nigeria alone, we have more than 200 million mouths to feed three times daily. The food supply is not even enough.

You can be your own boss, employ people and live that amazing lifestyle you've dreamed of with agriculture.

There are so many areas of agribusiness you can venture in. Vegetable farming, poultry farming, fish farming, food processing, agro-distribution, agro-marketing, and all other animar husbandry just to mention a few.

6. The trend of youth choosing agriculture is growing.

Yes! Agriculture is the real deal. Many youth are now looking at this direction especially in Nigeria where fertile lands are found almost everywhere. What I think needs to be done also is that institutions must offer support to educative and entertainment programs that seek to highlights or showcases Agriculture in a positive outlook. Government should also support farmers and agricultural startups.

The trend is growing. Support for the agriculture sector is increasing. 

The list of reasons are endless. I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on why you think youth should engage in agriculture, and how it can help reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity. Share you thoughts using the comment box below.

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