How I made my Catfish feed: Making Catfish feed at home or farm (Local Fish Feed Formulation)


Since I started my catfish farming business, I was depending on foreign fish feed to feed my fishes. This increased my cost of production so much. Read how I started my catfish farm

I found out that due to the high cost of foreign feeds in the market, we are likely to incur losses in our catfish farming investments if we don't produce our own feeds. In fact, the success of any catfish farming business is greatly increased if the farmer produces his/her own feed.

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How  I made my Catfish feed

Before you continue, take a little time to read on my best catfish feed formula

Ingredients used:
1. Roasted cassava flakes(called Garri in Nigeria)

2. Maize

3. GNC- Groundnut cake

4. Soybean Meal

5. Blood Meal.

6. Methionine

7. Fish Meal(72%)

8.  Table Salt-A teaspoon for each bowl of mixture

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Mixing the ingredients

I boiled water then emptied it into a big bowl. I then added the Garri(roasted cassava flakes). I added the blood meal into the bowl and stirred the mixture. It was now red in color. I then added the other ingredients, (Maize, GNC, Soybean Meal,  Fish Meal, Methionine) one after the other. The salt was added by dissolving in water and then pouring all over the mixture and stir.

After mixing the nutrients, the mixture will look like this


This was a bit challenging since I didn't take my ingredients to a feed mill for compounding and pelletizing. To solve this challenge I had to use a flat metal with holes of even diameter. See picture below


It took me a lot of time to pelletize using this method. Pelletizing would have been faster if I used a pelletizing machine. So I won't advise you to use this tedious method. Rather you can buy a cheap pelletizing machine here.

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Drying the pellets

I spread out the wet feeds out in the sun to dry. 

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So this is how I made my own catfish feed. You have any questions pleaseI would love to hear them. Use the comment box below to comment.

Your turn to keep the good work going... ⇊⇊⇊

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this, I would like to know what percentages these ingredients are

  2. Nice. But how did you administer the feed to the fish? Did the feed float long enough for the fish to pick them? Please reply

  3. Thanks for this educative post. Buy your local fish meal for 650/kg. It is cheaper, nutritous and readily available for fish feed. To order call 08158160399.

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  8. So how have the fish responded? Are they eating the feed ferociously and what weight did you achieve on harvest

    1. They really responded positively to the feed and harvest was good

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    1. Thank you for the training, but please tell us if the feed float on the water thank you.09052856992

  10. There are two kinds of pellectizers or extruders; floating and sinking feed pelletizer.

    The floating feed pelletizer makes feed pellets that float however, it's more expensive to purchase

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  13. and raw meat is also very good for as fish feed materials

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