Top agribusiness You Can Start this 2018

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We all know that agriculture is a thriving sector in all economies of the world especially Nigeria(maybe because I'm Nigerian). As we all know food business is big business as everybody must eat to survive.

Agribusiness in Nigeria is still very profitable because more than 180million Nigerians need to eat.

Agribusiness also offers the opportunity to get wealthy and also add value by providing food.

Agribusiness generally involves crop production, meat production, food processing, distribution and marketing.

Here are top Agribusiness ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond.

How profitable is Catfish processing business?- A detailed report

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After writing an article on how to venture into catfish smoke-drying business, I have been getting emails and calls from intending farmers asking me if catfish  processing(smoking and dring) is profitable. They go on to ask, "Is it worth the stress?". 


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I am sure lovers of fables must have heard this beautiful story that I am about to tell. Whether you have heard the story or not, just spare me a few minutes and read it.

I am retelling it, not just to entertain you, but to draw a great lesson that we need at this time.

Secrets to successful and profitable maize farming business

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Maize farming
Truth be told for anyone to be successful in maize farming you need the following

If you have these qualities you can start an Agribusiness

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Commercial Egg Production

Have you ever felt that some things are just impossible to achieve? Have the thought of achieving great goals scared you. You think it's just impossible. You keep holding back on your dreams. Yes, holding back and fear of failure is a normal thing we all experience, but some people let their fears kill their dream goals.

Catfish Processing Business- Smoke drying and packaging of Catfish

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One of the easiest agribusinesses you can start without stress is a catfish processing business or catfish smoking business as it is popularly known.  

Catfish processing business simply involves

How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria and make millions

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in the Nigerian agriculture sector. It is a lucrative money making venture in Nigeria.

Poultry farming in Nigeria can be very profitable, and has the potential to generate high returns
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